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Yorkshire is home to some of Britain's most beautiful countryside and spectacular scenery, most notably the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The park covers almost 700 square miles and is within easy reach of the cities of Manchester, Leeds and Bradford. Several of Britain's long distance footpaths traverse the area, including the best known, the Pennine Way, which stretches from north to south for 267 miles. In addition to the scenery, many people visit the historic towns and villages, some of which are built from the local stone. Whilst in Yorkshire why not take advantage of travelling to Leeds. There are cheap hotels in leeds near first direct arena so you don't have to worry about travelling back after a show

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The Yorkshire Dales attract about 8 million visitors each year, and there are plenty of accommodation choices, ranging from a luxury hotel to a caravan touring park in yorkshire. The area has plenty of bed and breakfasts, although camping and caravanning are two of the most popular ways to experience the area. Both are affordable, and offer complete flexibility allowing you to come and go as you please. Staying in a caravan offers most of the comforts of home, whereas camping means roughing it to a larger extent, and of course you are more at the mercy of the area's often changeable and unpredictable weather.

Being more exposed to extremes of weather is perhaps the biggest drawback of tent camping a tent can blow over in strong winds, and also the ground can become waterlogged in heavy rain. Even the best quality tent never seems to be 100 percent waterproof, and trying to keep clothing and accessories organized, clean and dry in a small tent can be a challenge. However, if you are the outdoors type, you may prefer camping and there is no doubt that sleeping in a tent under the stars gives you a much greater connection with the countryside. There is arguably something comforting about the sound of rain on a tent, and the sun streaming in the next morning makes a good alarm clock.

A caravan of course, is not as affected by the weather as a tent, and if it pours down with rain all weekend, it can definitely be a better place to be. A caravan also allows you to more effectively store your clothes and supplies, and also offers a lot more privacy. Depending on the size of caravan and the facilities, you may be able to watch TV, have a shower or cook a meal - all of which are impossible in a cramped tent. If you have a mobile caravan, you can use it at home even when you aren't travelling, perhaps as a guest bedroom, office or den. Although a caravan is portable, it is perhaps a little easier to grab your tent and leave on the spur of the moment, rather than hook up the caravan to the car and leave for the weekend.

Regardless of whether you choose a caravan or a tent, the Yorkshire countryside offers some of Britain's best scenery and outdoor activities and a holiday here can be a memorable experience. There are plenty of camping sites and caravan touring parks, allowing you to find the perfect one.